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The Los Angeles Headache Center

Lisa Cook, MD and Andrew Blumenfeld, MD are board-certified Los Angeles migraine specialists & neurologists committed to providing excellent neurological care to the community.

  1. Over a Decade of experience in Neurology
  2. Board-certified Los Angeles Neurologist & Migraine Specialist
  3. Manages co-existing neurological disorders such as Epilepsy, Dementia, Stroke and Peripheral Nerve disorders
  4. Focuses on Chronic Migraine Disorder & Concussions
  1. Board-certified Los Angeles and San Diego Neurologist and certified in Headache Medicine
  2. Has over 100 publications
  3. Helped develop the Botox injection protocol used in the pivotal migraine trials
  4. Focuses on the treatment of headache and chronic migraine disorder

Dr David Kudrow

Dr Kudrow is a neurologist certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. He has been specializing in headache medicine as the director of the California Medical Clinic for Headache in Santa Monica which was founded by Dr Lee Kudrow in 1971 as first private headache clinic in the western United States. Dr Kudrow graduated from USC Keck School of Medicine and completed his Neurology residency and a fellowship in clinical neurophysiology at Harbor UCLA where he served for 23 years as the director of the Harbor UCLA Medical Center outpatient headache clinic. In addition to focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of patients with headache disorders, he has been a principal investigator in over 100 phase II and III clinical trials evaluating the safety and efficacy of preventive and acute treatments for migraine, cluster headache, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy and other pain disorders. He has authored numerous peer reviewed articles and has been a speaker on the topic of migraine and migraine therapeutics throughout the country.


Janée Malan PA-C

Janée joined the Los Angeles Headache Center as the physician extender to Dr. Andrew Blumenfeld and Dr. Lisa Cook. She is a Cum laude graduate of SCU with an emphasis in integrative medicine. Janée has spent her career focusing on the treatment of neurological conditions with a keen interest in the treatment of migraine and headache syndromes. Her passion for treating headache syndromes stems from a personal history of chronic migraine and she brings to the practice a unique understanding of the challenges faced by headache patients.

During her 20+ year career in patient care she has trained under and collaborated with leading specialists in their fields and served as a medical student mentor at the Beverly Hills Headache Institute and the Neurology Institute of Los Angeles.

Evaluation, Diagnosis and Treatment of Headache

  1. Our patient centered approach: empower patients to help control their disease, avoid analgesic use, have resources to keep them at work and out of the ER
  2. Rule out of secondary causes of headache, offer the latest acute and preventive medications and combination treatment to optimize effect,
  • Botox
  • Nerve blocks
  • CGRP monoclonal antibodies
  • Neuro-stimulators

The goal of the Los Angeles Headache Center team is to make a diagnosis of your headache disorder and put in place the appropriate acute and preventive steps to control it. This is a process that may take several visits to fine tune. The treatments are typically used for the long-term and our hope is to build a patient-provider relationship with each individual that we care for. We do not use opiate analgesia to control headaches as there are many alternatives to this approach.

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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Cook was compassionate. She listened closely to our concerns and asked questions to clarify. She was thorough in her inquiries and testing.

Verified Patient

I have been working with Dr. Blumenfeld to help me manage my migraines for over 6 years. After his help my migraines went from daily to almost none at all. I truly trust his expertise and recommend him to everyone I know!

Self Verified Patient

Overall, I was satisfied with Dr. Cook's treatment, but not completely amazed. Scheduling was always incredibly convenient and she did order some tests that revealed something that no other neurologist turned up in over 15 years of treatment so I give her mad props for that. That said, I wasn't always comfortable with her medication recommendations and I really had to be a proactive advocate for my treatment. She seemed to push newer brand name medications. Now one of them ended up being a miracle drug with no side-effects so it was worth it in the end. Successful treatment is successful treatment. But she's gone out of network now, and I'm not necessarily sorry to find a new neurologist.

Verified Patient

Dr. Cook was professional, kind, listened, took her time and answered all of my questions thoroughly. I did not feel rushed and left feeling reassured, taken seriously and confident that appropriate next steps were to be addressed.

Hilary R.

I love Dr. Cook! She's so helpful and understanding of my migraines!


she was attentive and professional.

Laurina L.

Not only does Dr.Blumenfeld know what he's doing but he has a great bedside manner which is reassuring and builds confidence. He is one of the few Doctors who apologize for even being a few minutes late but is gentle and caring and you don't feel rushed when he's answering your questions. His interest is how well you did since your last appointment. I trust him.! One of the really good ones.

Self Verified Patient

I brought my fiancé here for a exam due to a recent seizure. The doctor was very friendly to begin, however was very skeptical of all answers my fiancé gave to her. She made a comment about how bad his teeth were, which was not the best way to end our appointment. She also commented on how sedated he looked, however he had just had a Grand Mal Seizure less than 3 days earlier. The patient seeing her rated her as rude and inappropriate. From an outsider's point of view, being in the room with him, she was on top of things in scheduling his brain MRI and bloodwork etc, however I would not recommend this doctor.

Verified Patient

Dr. Blumenfeld Is Very Professional And Accurate With His Diagnosis . He Has A Very Quiet And Personable Demeanor .My Office Visits Are Pleasant Experiences.

Self Verified Patient

Dr. Blumenfeld and his staff made me feel very much at ease. The level of concern that I had about my condition was taken very seriously. The answers that were provided gave me hope that this condition can be treated and managed. I finally feel as though I have a plan to stop the pain and that there is a place to go if I find myself in a place of hopelessness.

CK Ross

He really solved my headache problems.I had daily headaches and now have only rare disabling headaches that I can easily mange with medications.

Self Verified Patient

Doctor Cook is very professional, straight-forward, efficient, friendly and knowledgeable. I, not only, was happy to see her, but felt well taken cared of. Looking forward to my next visit!

Billie B.

Dr. Cook was very helpful and informative.

Kathyrn L.

This was my first visit with Dr. Cook. I must say that I was impressed by Dr. Cook. I feel very comfortable and confident in her abilities. She is very thorough, polite, kind and empathetic. I am very happy to have found such a wonderful Doctor.

Anthony N.

He was the only MD who was able to get my hedacahes under control!

Self Verified Patient

I have had my problem for many years, and I have seen many doctors who were no big help. This doctor is the only doctor that understood the problem I had

Self Verified Patient

Dr. Cook is very thorough when asking questions, listens intently, and her explanations are easy to understand. I would highly recommend her to anyone requiring a neurologist.

Ivory T.

It was a warm, thorough and informative visit. Dr. Cook listened intently and responded with useful information and referred me for MRI imaging. Looking forward to our follow-up visit to see what treatment might be beneficial going forward. Office staff was very friendly and professional, as well.

Jason F.

Dr Blumenfeld is an excellent doctor. I was having 15 to 20 migraines a month, now I am down 3 to 4 every three months. He is also very caring. I highly recommend him.

Mary E.

After 5 years of agonizing migraines and daily headaches, Dr.Blumenfeld has been the only doctor to accurately diagnose my pain and help me. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr.Blumenfeld to anyone and everyone in a heartbeat. He has worked with me for years trying different treatments, and has always encouraged me that I would find relief, and was the only one to finally provide it. He tells you what you need to hear, educates you on your condition, and walks you through every option possible. Most of all, Dr.Blumenfeld has given me the hope I've needed for getting through this pain. Although I live most of the year 7 hours away, I make special trips just to be treated by this doctor. I would recommend him to anyone seeking neurological care.

Self Verified Patient

Dr. Blumenfeld is a great doctor. I had terrible migraines and thanks to his support and the care of his team, I am much better than I was a few years ago. I am grateful for his care and the excellent team working in the La Jolla office.

Sheri H

The consult lasted 10 minutes, and the doctor did not answer my questions, nor tried to investigate my condition. I went to another doctor, who prescribed exams, and realized what the problem and treated it properly.

Verified Patient

Caring, great bed side manner. Love Dr. Cook!

Yoram R.

Dr. Blumenfeld quite rightly sent me over to the sleep center in spite of my not having a clue that I had a sleep disorder. I have had migraines for years. They were exacerbated for years by the diagnosis of the sleep center - sleep apnea. Dr. Blumenfeld is quite intuitive and brilliant in the area of migraine management.

Self Verified Patient

Dr. Cook is highly competent and knowledgable. She made me feel completely at ease.

Tammy N.

She was wonderful, great friendly manner, accurate diagnosis and the medications she gave me for my restless leg syndrome have made a huge difference in my condition. Recommend her highly.

Debra W.

Spectacular job. Quick wait, accurate diagnoses, and explained my options articulately. No hesitancy seeing Dr. Cook again.

Brandon G.

Dr. Lisa Cook is the best. She was very professional helpful & informative. I definitely recommend her for any neurological needs.

Enrique M.

Had a very nice appt. She was very welcoming and very thorough. Will continue to see her as my doctor.

John M.

Migrain Headaches had been steadily increasing until I was spending half of my life suffering through them. It felt like the other half was spent feeling 'beat up' recovering from them. Dr. Andrew Blumenfeld understood how horrible Migraines are and actually STOPPED THEM. I feel like it's been a new life. I can wake up without pain! I have also learned to pay attention to smaller headaches before they ever have a chance to turn into possible migraines. I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Blumenfeld.

Self Verified Patient

Dr Blumenfeld's expertise in Migraine has truly saved my life - living with chronic migraine was a life sentence until he helped me manage this disorder and live a happy life again. I would recommend him to anyone struggling with this problem. He's always on the cutting edge of new technologies and takes as much as time as I need in my appointments. I consider him a friend.

Self Verified Patient

I had a great visit. Not rushed. Dr had a great bedside manner. My only issue was that I had a 10am appt. I went a little early hoping to get in and out. Apparently they book two patients for the same time. The other patient was seen first, so therefore my parking fee is now increased by 30 mins as they do not validate parking.

Verified Patient

Dr. Cook was very courteous, kind and informative. She really took the time to understand what was going on and offered great advice. I would definitely seek her out, she was everything you could want in a doctor.

Jeff B.

It was great having visited Dr. Lisa Cook as my new Neurologist. It gave me relief of my condition by her compassion and concern to me as her new patient. Thanks again to Dr. Cook and Zoc.Doc. for accommodation.

Maria Luisa G

She was very nice. She listened to my concerns and advised some medication. I would recommend her.

Martha A.

I am a Nurse who has suffered with migraine for 45 years. I have been treated very well by Dr Blumenfeld: He always takes time to answer my questions - i found him to be caring, competent & considerate. Best of all? MY headaches are GONE! Thank you Dr B.

Self Verified Patient

She was great!!! Im very happy I found a Dr. that was able to help me.

Roxanna O.

The Headache Doctor

Being one of the best Los Angeles migraine specialists & neurologists, Dr. Lisa Cook M.D. has helped thousands of patients overcome chronic migraines, cognitive disorders, symptoms of CTE, seizures, and a wide variety of other neurological disorders. Finding a licensed and reputable Los Angeles neurologist can be a challenge. Dr. Lisa Cook is a board-certified Los Angeles neurologist that has been committed to providing excellent neurological to her community for close to a decade.

Dr. Cook received her undergraduate and medical school degree at the accelerated 7-year medical program at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Then completed her Neurology residency and Clinical Neurophysiology fellowship at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

She relocated to Los Angeles in 2009 and is enthusiastic in providing the utmost care to her patients. Dr. Cook is on staff at Cedars-Sinai and is actively involved in teaching residents and medical students in the Neurology stroke fellowship program. In addition, she is a part of the Cedars-Sinai stroke team and aggressively pursues stroke intervention in complex decision-making treatment for patients that qualify. This comprehensive stroke coverage includes Cedars Sinai Marina Del Rey Hospital and Torrance Memorial Hospital. She is also serving as the Neurology Director at Cedars-Sinai Marina Del Rey Hospital. Lastly, she is also currently working with NFL Concussion Settlement program and one of select MAF and BAP certified neurologists who is able to assess NFL players involved in the settlement due to concussion related injuries.